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NordVPN have added a set of whole new features, revamped look, and new servers over the years and have improved drastically. There are plenty of reviews available for NordVPN when it comes torrenting, however, most of them are for the older version. If you are looking forward to getting a genuine review about the new and most recent version of NordVPN, read our guide to understand better what it has to offer to the users in terms of security and speed.

User Interface

Over the years, with regular upgrades and updates, the software has become really easy to use and the software have come up with a feature that is known as Easy Connect. Using this feature, users will get the ability to connect to the servers automatically. Once the user selects the Easy Connect option, the software will automatically connect the user to the best possible server, on its own.

However, if the user does not want to make use of the Easy Connect feature, then they can also choose to select one of the servers on their own, manually. Using the P2P button the interface, users will be able to select the server of their own choosing. If you want to connect to a server in a specific country, you can do so by choosing the country of your liking and then selecting the server from the list.


NordVPN provides some of the best features to the users. For safe torrenting, Kill Switch feature is crucial and imperative for users. This is important because, in instances when the VPN stops working for some reason, Kill Switch will be able to disrupt the internet connection and the original IP will not be displayed, as and when the VPN goes offline.

The software offers two different types of Kill Switch Functionality. First is the internet kill switch, in which, the connection to the internet is completely disrupted when the VPN goes offline. This means, that the user can online make use of the internet facility when VPN is online while activating this feature. Another type is an app kill switch, wherein the user can choose the application they want to stop working when the VPN goes offline.


One of the key security features of NordVPN is, the software does not log any activity of the users, while it is online. And the encryption mechanism keeps on changing based on the type of protocol used. In addition to this, it makes use of the shared IP addresses. In other words, it means that all of the user making use of NordVPN will be able to have the same IP, providing an added layer of security, to their privacy. Thus, no particular IP address can be associated with any single individual.


One of the good things about the software is that it is compatible and functioning with most of the major operating systems which include, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux among others. The software runs smoothly on each of the platforms discussed above and offers a great set of features and functionality to the users, making it one of the most widely accepted VPN for torrenting over the years.

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