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Offering the best paid VPN services in the industry, there is no surprise at all that many people are seeking ways to test out the software for free, before subscribing to the monthly paid plans. Yes, the company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, yet there is no harm in trying out the trail plan for the proposed software, before getting committed to it. The software can be used by anyone and everyone for a free 7-day trial. You can get access to the software for free, by simply providing your email address and credit card details to activate the service. Once your account has been verified, the trial duration will start immediately.

Nord VPN Trial

For the entire duration of 7 days as a free trial, the company will not block anything while providing complete access to their services. The users will not have any kind of limits on bandwidth and there will no kind of server limitations. You can connect to any server of your choosing during the trial period. Yes, there might be VPN services who offer longer duration trial, but what users do not know is that they also put a various limitation on bandwidth usage and servers.

Whereas with Nord VPN there is no restricted access and users can enjoy full freedom while accessing the services. You can get access to over 5100 servers spread across 62 countries, unlimited sharing, double VPN, p2p sharing and Kill Switch among much other functionality. What more do you want to have with a free trial?

After Free Trial

Once your free trial period ends, what you need to do next is completely up to you. If you think the subscription is worth your money is offering something good to you, you can continue after 7 days and you will be automatically charged through the payment details you provided at the time of registering for a free trial.

However, if you think that the service is not worth your money and you do not feel satisfied with Nord VPN offerings, make sure you can cancel your subscription before the 7 day period ends. Another thing to keep notice of is, Nord VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you feel that subscription wasn’t worth after subscribing for it, you can claim your money back at the end of the month. What more do you want for a service, who is offering a money back guarantee?

Wrapping Up

You will come across a number of different people, who would suggest that Nord VPN is one of the best VPN offering in the industry at the present time. However, there is always that uncertainty to choose, when you have to pay money for using a particular service. But don’t worry. With Nord VPN free trial, you can test out the service firsthand and then make the decision on your own, whether to subscribe for it or not. And even if you make a mistake and subscribe it at the end of the free trial, only to realize that it wasn’t worth your money, you can still get your money back, with the 30-day money back guarantee offered by Nord VPN. It is time to make your choices fruitfully.


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