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Over the years, AVG has emerged to be one of the biggest players in the antivirus market and have slowly extended the footprints towards user privacy on the internet. Being one of the most trusted online security organization, AVG VPN offers to secure and protect users’ online identity. It seems to provide the users with a topnotch customer service and products that can be deployed on different Operating Systems like Windows, iOS, Mac and Android platforms. It uses Open VPN and AES ? 256, so as to encrypt internet traffic, providing the best online security possible.

Pricing Options

The pricing options for AVG Secure VPN is most likely the same as that of other VPN services offered by different players in the market. However, the product is separately sold and priced depending upon the type of Operating System the user is currently using. Being said that, the user has the capability to install the software on any number of devices as per their choice. However, the user can only use it on any one particular device at a time. In simpler words, if for example, you have a Mac operating systems and are buying it for Mac, then you can install it on a number of different systems running Mac, but the software can only be connected to the VPN network one device at a time.

Speaking of which, AVG offers heavy discount on the pricing if you are choosing to subscribe to their services for a longer period of time. Following is the pricing for different Operating systems and durations.

For Mac and Windows

  1. One Year Subscription – $59.99
  2. Two Year Subscription – $109.99
  3. Three Year Subscription – $159.99

For Android Devices

  1. One Month Subscription – $1.49
  2. Year Long Subscription – $19.99

For iOS Devices

  1. One Month Subscription – $2.99
  2. Year Long Subscription – $35.99

The subscription can be paid using any of the major credit cards options that include, MasterCard, AmEx, Visa, and Discovery.

Benefits of AVG VPN

  1. To encrypt the entire traffic data, AVG VPN utilizes the use of AES ? 256 bit that safeguards users’ online identity.
  2. Throttling and ISP tracking are avoided as and when you get connected to the VPN service. It also allows you to save a few bucks by bypassing price discrimination.
  3. While using the virtual private network, public Wi-Fi protection is applied automatically, when set in the client.
  4. Blocked content and Geo-websites are made available to access that will provide the user with an opportunity to enjoy the internet services better from anywhere in the world.

30 Day Free Trial

AVG believes so much in their VPN product that they know, if the user uses it once, they would want to subscribe to the services for sure. And because of this, they offer one month of the free trial on all the devices of the various OS that you may have. Not all VPN service providers do the same and provide free 30-day trial for all devices, let alone one. However, for the trail services that they offer for mobile operating systems requires the users to buy a monthly subscription. But they have the opportunity to cancel it, within 7 days of subscription and they won’t be billed until the initial 7 days are completed. They also provide a 30-day money guarantee for new Mac and Windows Subscribers.

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